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Flatonia Livestock Commission Company Inc., is proud to say it is a FAMILY OWNED business and has been for over 31 years.


We started together and we are still working together. My son, Ron Beck, Jr., has followed my footsteps for years and now manages the day to day operations. He knows the market as well as anyone. Ron visits several other auction sales each week which helps us stay on top of market trends. In addition our networking efforts helps us to add new faces to the buying crowd on a regular basis.


My wife, Mollie and my daughter Jamie manage the office and take care of all the detail work. Daughter Briana, a school teacher, also helps us out in the summer.


Flatonia Livestock offers a wide range of major order buying companies, Plus the major packing houses are represented at each Monday sale.


There are plenty of buyers on hand each week to buy your cow/calf pairs and replacement animals; cows and bulls.


We specialize in Stocker Cow and Bull Sales!


As always, The Ronnie Beck Family appreciates your business and is always willing to make sure our customers are satisfied!


Call us!...


“Selling your Livestock Is our Business!”


Ronnie Beck


1500 Highway 90 East

Flatonia, Texas 78941

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At Flatonia Livestock

Monday, January 16, 2023

Along with our regular sale...


15 - 5-7 year old Brahman Cows

with F-1 Braford Calves at their side.

Several good heifer calves on them.


65 - Mixed Crossbread Cows

3-8 year olds

Black, Black, white face

Red and Red motley face

Some have calves and the rest will be palpated.


For More Info Call

Ronnie Beck - 361-772-4806

P.O. Box 132 - 1500 Hwy 90 E.

Flatonia, Texas  78941

Fax: 361-865-2111

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